Read what the great customers at DiBartolo’s Wholesale Food Warehouse have to say about their experience with our company,
"This place is AMAZING! What a great family - and the selection, quantity and prices of all your favorite Italian foods (that you just can’t find anywhere!) cannot be beat in south Florida. I can’t wait to come back and stock up after clearing room in my pantry. Thank you so much DiBartolo’s - you’re amazing!"
— Bobby P.
"Centrally located, only a few minutes away from anywhere in Palm Beach County is a real authentic Italian market. They mostly sell to restaurants, but  lately anyone (especially Italians from New York and New Jersey) can shop there. Awesome selection of cheese, wine, bread, sauces, oils, sausages, clams, pasta and they even have toilet paper!!!"
— M. Frank
"Delicious parsley/cheese ring and link sausages, cheeses, pastas, canned Italian tomatoes ravioli, cannaloni and so much more all wrapped up with very friendly and helpful service. Always a treat to stop in and stock up!!"
— Eileen C.

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