WELCOME TO DiBartolo's Wholesale Food Warehouse

High-Quality Wholesale Italian Import Food

We offer a huge assortment of foods, wines, and kitchen essentials to the home cook and restaurant chef alike for wholesale and individual purchase, including products bearing our own proprietary label.

Welcome to DiBartolo's Wholesale Food Warehouse

DiBartolo’s Wholesale Food Warehouse in West Palm Beach is the home of South Florida Food Brokers, the best connection for high-quality wholesale Italian imports. We provide Palm Beach County with high-quality, affordable Italian foods at amazing prices since 2017. Check out our comprehensive catalog to learn more about our products and call us today for more information.

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Quality Imports

We take the quality and consistency of imported food seriously, to the point that we work with many growers and factories in Italy to create and ship high-quality foods to us directly with DiBartolo’s private label.

Huge Variety

We pride ourselves on the variety of quality Italian food products we offer, from shelf-stable goods like canned foods and authentic pastas to fresh pastries, frozen foods, and exceptional Italian wines.

Same-Day Delivery

When restaurants come calling for high quality products, we deliver – if you place an order before 10 AM,  you’re guaranteed same-day delivery, with products sold by the case and pallet.